About Ivibitpay

Bitcoin exchange
you can trust

Established in 2013 as the first cloud mining provider, Ivibitpay has become a multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange, trusted by over a million users.

Ivibitpay offers cross-platform trading via website, mobile app, WebSocket and REST API, providing access to high liquidity orderbook for top currency pairs on the market. Instant Bitcoin buying and selling is available via simplified bundle interface.

The exchange has developed a multi-level account system with individual approach to each customer, from Bitcoin beginners to institutional traders. Worldwide coverage, multiple payment options, and 24/7 support are accompanied by time-proven platform stability that guarantees safety of assets and data.

Our History

Jan 2013 - Ivibitpay project development started

Oct 2013 - GHash.IO assets acquired

Nov 2013 - Ivibitpay LTD company registered

Nov 2013 - GHash.IO became the #1 Mining Pool

Jul 2014 - USD market added to Ivibitpay

Aug 2014 - Payment card deposits added

Sep 2014 - EUR market added to Ivibitpay

Jan 2015 - Cloud mining services suspended

Mar 2015 - MSB status in FinCEN obtained

Apr 2015 - Simple Buy/Sell service launched

Aug 2015 - RUB market added to Ivibitpay

Oct 2015 - Integration with TradingView platform

Dec 2015 - Mobile application released

Apr 2016 - ETH market added to Ivibitpay

Apr 2016 - Withdrawals to cards launched

Dec 2017 - Maker Taker Fee Schedule Launched

Jan 2017 - PCI DSS Certificate Upgraded to Level 2

Oct 2017 - Variable Trade Fee Schedule Launched

Mar 2018 - Margin Trading Launched

Jun 2018 - Bitcoin Affiliate Program Launched

Legal and Security

Stability is of the highest priority for Ivibitpay. We give all efforts to provide trouble-free services backed by system and user account security, safe cold cryptocurrency storage, financial viability, and profound legal compliance.

Throughout the history of our company, none of our users ever experienced account funds theft, and practical support of such reputation is an affair of honour for us.

System & Account Security

Two-Factor Authentication

SSL certificate

Encrypted data

Financial Security

Cold storage for cryptocurrency funds

PCI DSS certificate

Strong relations with banks

Legal Compliance

MSB status in FinCEN (USA)

Registered with the ICO in the UK (EU)

Internal AML/KYC policy and procedures

Get acquainted with all respective licences and certificates on Legal and Security page


Ivibitpay LTD

Email for business inquiries: [email protected]

Email for account-related issues and cardholder correspondence: [email protected]

Ageguxom: Swap your DFT to DFTz todays ratio is 2.5 DFT to 1 DFTz | Tomorrows 3:1 | Pm me to swap
Enursin: temp1, 2 ltcsat
Josh Bush: lovemyeggo, where ?
Hijomih56456: patex
Mashiro Shiina: Instead of bots here, there should be bots on all social media to link new people to ROBO
Chickie: And then you will never need to care about the buy wall for months to come. Just as Micro once did.
Pwner: buy them then im not moving
Vipersel5377: shiba coin?
Greed: But there must be new interest. We brought a lot of new ones from CryptoTalk to Micro with our posts. That’s how it lasted for
Sporkha 2002: symbol is SHIB
Asuna Yuki: making a killing now
Zuduby: over a 1000% in a week
Asuna Yuki: just soled 7MLN dice for half a ruble
cloudtawdry: I dont BINANCE bro
iqutes: is SHIB here
Fl3x1e: probly not
Qushen orint: HUOBI
myosuret: [link]
untut pacea: Go to wherever you came from and tell ppl about ROBO and WDOGE
KUKING: tell me about dice
Borbory Kelvin: dude just went to the RUR market
Hobex: But I bought more ROBO just a lil bit more and am taking a chances on your patience, you the Large Ones :-)
enered: RUR market here, next to USDT market
Cislunar: I’ll go back to Twitter soon
cdanskerDinghy: i see rur market but what is it exactly
pinchtawdry: RUSSIAN RUBLES
atheelea: just checked...200 RUBLES equals 2.70 USD
Beanpole: Btcmoon cuando sube
Ronaldo: yea its still not worth it tho
Paresis: ALPHIE27, 1 usd = 74 rur
Asinto: ALPHIE27, 73.42
Xupyh: when will be able to withdrawl this dice. this is messed up
Hobex: hahaha
Godliness: im actually having fun selling all this junkyard ..maybe start a new RUBBLE empire
Crypto pirate: anybpdy knows how ltc last to withdraw?
Icagiwo: try selling your DICE for BTC
Beata Amor: i did alphie but dont think that order will get filled lol
KUKING: yep..
Ixotimal: so u can go thru the RUR, sell in RUR...then buy whatever u like with your RUR...
Borbory Kelvin: what i get in rur is pennies compared to what my dice is worth im not doing it
Animated: mycoin86, did you buy the dice?
Commander: sure man, I understand..I just sold 7000000 dice..I hear ya
Pwner: guess im just playing the waiting game, see if the wallet ever comes out of maintance
tawdry blooded: maintanance
Prince snake: cmarx, all good, you?
FmpectionKvetch: mycoin86, did you pay for the dice?
Opowa: yeah same same all good
Ronaldo: Think of RUR as a subsatoshi Bitcoin market
KUKING: mycoin86, I guess you didn't pay for the dice
Enursin: YEAH man..I was not getting u , but thx for the tip
Aktigen: killer tip
Chickie: ALPHIE27, I know you’re in search of more bag holders for the new pump coin. That has already been established
Xupyh: Dice wankers
Ageguxom: But while you’re here, buy some DICE in BTC market
Ofypopet: Heheheh!!!
Xuwyj: hahahaha...nice 1
Par Potter: i have DICE TOKEN
Hobex: here we go...
Ofypopet: can anyone help?
Lover eth: Have fun! Gtg and share ROBO plan with other folks!
Prince snake: the only way is to sell in RUR market
Prince snake: How do i sell in RUR?
Ryqyker: in the market section, find RUR
alba <3: and click on it
ChefChef: fuck miss click
Mockkk: EOA(14$)IN...CMA
atheelea: Amyone onow if EOS here same as EOS on coinbase?. Price doesnt match by alot
tawdry blooded: bros i got 8 million dice what the heck do i do wtth it
Chickie: where did the dice come from?
Qidem: i have a bunch too. wtf
Ryqyker: jonny we're rich what do we spend our dice on im gonna buy a motorbike :)
Borbory Kelvin: 2kthrowaway, BIG ERROR!!! Realitycheck!!!!! You are still POOR, Are u really that dumb?? to think gives many thousands of people
Aktigen: ooo a motorbike would be great!
Icagiwo: DICE has been around sine 2017
Pwner: edmar1981, DICE : 24 hour volume 0.00050 BTC so multiply that by 36500 (100 years) = 18.25 BTC and there is already more than 9350 BTC
Qidem: SAINt JHN - Roses (Imanbek Remix)
Sporkha 2002: jonnyking, DICE : 24 hour volume 0.00050 BTC so multiply that by 36500 (100 years) = 18.25 BTC and there is already more than 9350 BTC
Beanpole: Idiots
Icagiwo: someone needs a wank...
editen ashino: jonnyking, buy peniscoin
Hijomih56456: dick token
Godliness: i guess theyll always be around too
Cislunar: oh well this has been fun. Against cobratoontje's advice ima go retire on my dice. enjoy guys
Mashiro Shiina: jonnyking, Are u still breathing kid ?
Ronaldo: Ahh, hes gone wankin
Psocy h3110 nytyk: Another dice wanker
Enursin47: im gonna buy a harley davidson with my dice
Liripoop: Diaperdice wanker
editen ashino: 2kthrowaway, a badge ?
Crypto pirate: ? you need to get real. you're jealous of my dice. it's sad. time to be honest with yourself. if you aren't accumulating dice, yo
Alucard_oldman: >.> well played haha
Inune: lmao,what a clown
Crypto pirate: you do know what hes trying to do though right?
Qwner: damn..
tidel: antwan210, dice here is a only token, dice elsewhere is completely different
Icagiwo: I'm not in it, I'm just speculating
Mashiro Shiina: What do you think he's trying to do then?
Lover eth: hes trying to make people feel secure investing in dice when cobratoon actually has a valid response
Alucard_oldman: You get it
Asinto: this is what im saying.... "you do know what hes trying to do though right?"
Rosahefa: antwan210, thats why i didnt ans
pinchtawdry: Cool, I just had enough of the dice wankers
Beata Amor: Tjhfree, still, u r a millionaire
Dizojo: At least im not one of those lmao
Commander: at least you can go around saying you own a milli
Bringbac Madcap: Give them a handful of peniscoin
Liripoop: If i did own dice, i would probably feel best exchanging it to doge, and hodl
kittytawdry: guys my dice is going to go up in price wtf do i spend it on
Greed: toilet paper
Euphoric: ALPHIE27, haha
Pwner: hey can someone help
Paresis: I am trying to withdraw them
heanof: DICE...lets party
Udemiqy: but it says the withdrawals for such currency are suspended
Fl3x1e: what do I do
kittytawdry: no I dont I assume
Giviq: I only bought them on
Asased omyor: naumanabid1, can u even read ?
Ibatic: naumanabid1, ithink that dice coin is owned by to use it here
Liripoop: naumanabid1, DICE is a Yobit ONLY token with NO Blockchain given away FREE back in July for traders to gamble with. It NEVER traded o
ChefChef: Sell them on RUR
cloudtawdry: shall I convert them into rur?
Saree Bogey: and buy anything u like
cdanskerDinghy: oh okay
Ryqyker: thanks
Asased omyor: shall I sell them or do you see any potential in this coin?
Yolohugecr4ftrxD: Its about the same lol
Udemiqy: netplus, ok rocketscientist
Ryqyker: zero value, just gamble them
Elf: cobratoontje, lol
Juice: netplus, Yodice is no coin !
Yolohugecr4ftrxD: 0.07 btc
Hijomih56456: tchating *
Sadboy: naumanabid1, Just numbers in the database !
FmpectionKvetch: naumanabid1, I am telling you one last time.........the moon is located in space , not at the bottom of the earth !
myosuret: all that you found here is a coin, like ocean
Prince snake: good luck for all
Paresis: naumanabid1, Are u really that dumb?? to think gives many thousands of people that much btc for free???
sasonofr delidyic: Dumbasses